Private Lessons

Martial arts is not about fighting. It’s about building character.

Private Lessons Are Awesome!

1 teacher, 1 student
20 minutes long
Attention to Detail

$30 per lesson or 5 lessons for $125

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Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel your lesson, please do so by 10am on the day of the lesson.
Contact Sensei Gail via call or text, or Facebook at GEM Martial Arts or email the Dojo.

Teen Girl Bowing
Sensei Zach encouraging a student
Teen Girl Taking a Private Lesson from a Sensei
GEM student in stance

What Our Students And Parents say

Gail has the ability to provide structure and smiles at the same time…such a rare find! Parents feel at east to leave their children in Gail’s instruction because they know that they are safe and in the best of hands.


My kids and I have been at GEM Martial Arts for close to 7 years. For lack of better terms, we are “lifers”. This school teaches so much more than just karate. Respect, self confidence and dedication are just a few life lessons we have received from Sensei Gail and Sensei Zach. We are family and wouldn’t change a thing. GEM Martial Arts has been an amazing influence on our family as a whole!! ❤️

I highly recommend this karate school to anyone, no matter how young or old.


My daughter NEEDED something to do & a friend mentioned GEM MA. I spoke to my daughter about trying it out & she was very excited. We joined immediately. She has only been doing this for a few months but loves it. My only regret is that I didn’t get her involved sooner. Gail & Zach are kind, caring & bring positivity to anyone around them. My daughter has learned so much & her confidence keeps building!  

Thanks you GEM MA for taking the time & teaching all your students. 


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