Classes for Ages 16+

The only difference between a  master and a student is that the master has mastered the art of being a student.


Big GEMs Classes

Part-time (1 class per week) – $90/month
Full time (2-3 classes per week + free 1 private lesson a month)
1st student $135/month
2nd sibling $125/month
3rd sibling $115/month

Parents of enrolled children – $70/month

Our Big GEMs classes are fun and informative. All our Big GEMs train together, rank does not matter. From beginner to expert, we work together to create our best selves.

Classes are 60 minutes long, 3 times a week. With this class you will learn and grow, and become a brilliant GEM!

Full Time students can take advantage of one private lesson a month.

Adult GEMs Group Photo
Men in the adult class practicing with bows
Adults in class smiling
adult class practicing with bows

What Our Students And Parents say

My son Gabriel and I joined Gem Martial Arts March 2016. It is a great atmosphere for a karate dojo and a happy family environment for kids and parents to train, everyone it’s close like a tight knit family. There’s no pressure, no contracts and lots of fun activities & tournaments, fundraisers and fun things to do. It is very professional and in my opinion the best karate school. You get promoted when you earn it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I absolutely recommend the school to anyone who wants to learn real Martial Arts and have fun in the process.


Sensei Gail and Sensei Zach’s students are the best around because the fun, disciplined atmosphere keeps students engaged, working hard and their knowledge of Isshin Ryu is another level. Personally, they have improved not only my karate, but my self esteem as well. I feel my best being apart of such an amazing dojo and will be continuing on with GEM for years to come!


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