We Teach Isshinryu

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the amazing, life-long benefits of training in the martial arts.

We Teach Isshinryu

Isshinryu means One Heart Way and is an Okinawan martial art founded by Master Tatsuo Shimabuku in 1953. Classes are fun and exciting. Requirements are broken down in a manner that is easy to learn and retain. Class length is appropriate to each age level. Each class includes warm-ups, stretching, and martial arts techniques & requirements.

What Our Students And Parents say

I brought my son Ryan to Gail after doing a trial month at another dojo closer to our house. I was worried about changing my son after creating a relationship somewhere else but frankly couldn’t afford to stay there. Gail and her staff have continued to blow me away! I’ve known her for over 20 years, when she used to teach me karate as a kid. Let me tell you, she hasn’t changed at all!! The transition for Ryan was flawless. They were all more than welcoming to both of us. You get more than what you pay for here.


Gem Martial Arts is not only the best Karate school, it consists of a Mother, Sensei Gail  and her Son, Sensei Zach; who have dedicated their lives to Martial Arts.

That being said, they, have changed my 14 year old daughter,  Makayla’s life, in ways that I never knew possible!! She is more outgoing, more sociable in public, more confident, physically fit and very strong! 


My daughter NEEDED something to do & a friend mentioned GEM MA. She has only been doing this for a few months but loves it. My only regret is that I didn’t get her involved sooner. Gail & Zach are kind, caring & bring positivity to anyone around them. My daughter has learned so much & her confidence keeps building!  

Thanks you GEM MA for taking the time & teaching all your students. 


Adults in class smiling

Benefits of Martial Arts

Listening & Following Directions
Increased self-confidence
Reduced Stress
Increased Self-respect
Learning to Respect Others
Increased Focus
Learning Leadership Skills
Improved Strength & Power
Improved Cardiovascular Fitness
Improved Coordination
An Athletic Outlet
Burn Calories & Lose Weight
Tone Muscles & Increase Endurance

Each Week We Teach:

16 Karate classes for enthusiastic, intelligent children & adults
16 Private lessons
2 Tournament Prep classes
1 Karate class at Webster Montessori School
1 Karate class at St. Rita’s Elementary School
1 Cardio Kickboxing Class at ESL Federal Credit Union Headquarters
2 GEMSTARS (Demo/Competition team) classes a month

2 Little GEMs in a stance in front of kick bags
Orange belts practicing a stance
Two Teen Girls practicing kicks
adult class practicing with bows
Is this right for you and your child?