Good Wednesday GEMs (day 24)

We have opened up the rest of the month for Private Lessons. They are M/W at 4pm & T/TH at 4, 4:30 & 5pm (for now). You can book with either Sensei.

Here’s how:
1- Go to
2- Choose lesson
3- Choose Sensei
4- Enter student name & phone number

Some of you decorated your driveways yesterday with chalk! It was so nice to see your pictures 😊. With the rain last night, I’m sure most of it was washed away. But that’s ok. We now have a clean slate to try again. I found my chalk, so I’m going to try to get out there today.

Today is “Show & Tell” day. If you have something you would like to share with your GEM-mates, we will give you a few minutes during your class.

Classes are different now, and we all have had to adjust. And that is ok. The only thing consistent in life is change.I understand that some parents may feel uncomfortable showing the kids Facebook. If you do, (and that’s ok), you can read it to them, or I post the very same thing on our website. (we are very much looking forward to rolling out our new website very soon!!)I think that is it for now.

Love each other. Be nice to each other. Love yourself. Be nice to yourself.

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