People say, “You get what you pay for”. Here at GEM, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the amazing, life long benefits of training in the martial arts.  That’s why, We say, “you’ll get, “More than your monies worth”!”
GEM Martial Arts is about learning, family, helping our community, and becoming better people, not the almighty dollar.  We are transparent and not afraid to post our prices for everyone to see. 

Karate / Little GEMs 

Part-time: $50/month = 1 Karate class each week.

Full-time: $90/month = 2-3 karate classes a week and 1 Free private lesson each month!

Second family member – Full-time – $80/month


Private Lessons

$25 per lesson, or purchase 4 lessons and receive 1 free!


Always $50 a month! Full (includes free private lesson) or Part-time.  Your choice.




We will never ask you to sign a contract.

We want you, to want, to be at the dojo.

You may switch, at anytime between Full and Part-time status, as your schedule demands. We will be as flexible as you need.