Testimonials from both past and present students and parents.

Hi Gail,

I just wanted to send you a quick note because it’s too busy to chat as one group comes off the floor and another goes on. :) I wanted to say a big thank you to you, Sensei Zach, Sensei Morgan and the others for making this experience so awesome for Sully…and me! I had hoped he would enjoy karate, once he got passed his initial shyness, but his reaction has completely blown me away.  He talks about going to class all week and tells everyone he takes karate. He is loving it!

Last night- when he earned his first stripe he was pumped! He is super proud of himself (as am I). It’s very exciting and it’s all because of you guys. You have created an amazing, unintimidating environment and I am so glad we found our way to you.

So thank you again, have a fabulous week and we will see you next Monday!


 I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a great Karate School and  what you do for your students. I can only imagine how tough it is to train white belts over and over, especially the kids, on the basics. Not to mention just the fact of running a business in NYS. Believe me I am in there with you on that one. Not always so much fun.  Anyway, thanks for sharing your karate with Mckenzie and I and making it very family friendly. It’s just what we were looking for. 

I am proud to be a yellow belt in your program and look forward to continuing in earnest as does Mckenzie. She seems to be enjoying it and tells me so and I really hope that continues. I am most excited about the positive influences you two will share with her as she grows. I can imagine in many instances where she may hear something from either of you, and it will mean more, or be taken more to heart, than if Kristin or I tried to teach it to her. I also want to make sure you know I am fine with your best judgement when she needs ‘a slap on the wrist’ or ‘a talking to’, to keep her in line with where she should be at certain belt levels and ages.

Thanks again for all that you do.

Dane Browne – 2014

Thank you Sensei Gail!

GEM Martial Arts Karate has been a consistently positive influence on Carter and Mason .  The self respect, self control, self-assurance and focus your school has instilled in them has been perfectly synchronized  with our own values and approach to living. The family friendly dojo affords many great learning opportunities both within and extended into the community. You and your staff are true examples of the principals and values you teach.

I have seen an improved ability in coordination, concentration, participation and endurance since we started at GEM fifteen months ago. It has been amazing to watch you and your staff adapt and modify your teachings to fit each child and their learning styles. GEM Martial arts has promoted hard work ethics and the positive reinforcement needed to guide Carter and Mason to their fullest potential.

I expect great things from them and even more importantly, they expect to accomplish great things! I would not trade one dollar that I have invested in GEM Martial Arts because, as you have taught Carter and Mason the riches that matter most come from within!

Simply Awesome,

Valerie Eckhart -2014


Gail Maslich taught karate to my children for the last several years, and she excelled in this capacity.  Her positive attitude and ability to connect with students of all ages complimented her expert knowledge and teaching skills in karate and physical fitness.  I am fortunate that we have had the opportunity to work with Gail and am certain that she will be successful in her next endeavor.

Gail also acted competently in her management duties at the karate school.   She handled challenges in her business professionally and operated the school as if it were her own.  By leading her business effectively and respectfully, she earned the trust and loyalty of her customers.

Gail will be a valuable asset for her next organization, and I highly recommend her for any opportunity which she chooses to pursue.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.


Joan Beadle -2012


Gail has taught my son, Bryan,  karate for the past year and a half. I hesitate to call her a teacher because she is so much more. My son started with her at the age of 5 when he was very shy and unsure of himself. It is amazing the changes we have seen in such a short time. Gail’s classes are very structured and disciplined. She demands respect,but along with that she also is very sensitive to the individual needs of each child. I attribute much of her teaching style to the fact that she is a mother herself and can truly understand what we want for our children. She helps them build their   confidence,which in turn makes them feel good about themselves. She is truly passionate about what she does and her goal is to see each of her students all the way through to a black belt. Anyone can teach,but few will leave a lasting impression. Gail is one of the few. Karate is much more than just a job for her,it is what she loves. This shines through and the kids pick up on that                           passion and love for the sport. She has had a positive impact on my whole family and will always be a part of us.

Stephanie Blaschek – 2012


Gail Maslich taught my children karate for approximately 5 years. When my son began taking classes at the age of 4 ½ , he had been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and Gail was always cognizant of his issues and did a great job working with him and around all of his quirky behaviors. She is an excellent instructor and very good in dealing with her students, especially the younger ones. In the time she worked with the kids, Gail was always encouraging and approachable. I could always talk with her when there was an issue with one of the kids or they were having problems. She was a favorite instructor at the dojo and both the students and parents were sad to see her go when she decided to take some time away from teaching. Gail is not only an excellent instructor and positive role model, but I also consider her a friend.

Mary Ann Christman – 2012


Gail Maslich was my primary Sensei at a highly renowned and  communally praised Dojo in Webster, NY. Gail instructed Isshin Ryu Karate, Kobudo, and Tai Chi which I attended for over four years. The physical fitness, nutrition, and self discipline instruction I received from her in the martial arts was incomparable to any training I received in my previous 40+ years.

Having attended two law enforcement academies, one instructed by New York State and another instructed by the Southern Tier Law Enforcement Academy, and on high school and college sports and security teams, I attest without any hesitation as a person of high standards who craves disciplined training and guidance, that Gail Maslich’s methodology, firmness, fairness, and consistency easily surpassed the well established and deeply rooted traditions of state and local government, and collegiate training regimens.

Gail’s leadership and breadth of knowledge have been a positive influence on me since I have had the privilege of knowing her from my martial arts training. Although I had to move on due to personal career advancement, I still carry the training and discipline with me every day. And, even though I am no longer in the law enforcement field, but might one day be again, the self confidence and inner strength I gained from the years of training I received from Gail have had a major influence on my character, confidence, and drive to succeed in my current career as a corporate professional.

Not only is Gail an outstanding physical instructor who genuinely cares about her students (or karate ka) of all ages and backgrounds, she also is a great motivator and sales advocate of something she strongly believes in. She always kept the success of the Dojo and the Shihan (her boss) as paramount to her outstanding success in her chosen profession. Gail is also an inspiration as she continually aspires to and achieves being as physically fit as she can possibly be.

One of the things that always impressed me was Gail’s adjustment to her different class demographics.

Occasionally I would show up for training early and observe her dealing with the younger students (or little dragons) sending them off with warmhearted yet stern instruction and then her immediate vicissitude when the elder students arrived prepared for class.

Gail’s energy and enthusiasm is limitless. She has left an impression on me that will remain indelible.


Bradley C. Eisenhart – 2012


 My name is Carl Kanerva. I have taken Karate for 8 years with Sensei Gail Maslich. From her I have learned more than I ever expected to. I believed Karate would be something fun to do and would teach me self defense skills; however it really is much more.

Karate is an excellent means to build physical strength and endurance. Every class we performed different cardio and muscular strength building exercises such as push ups, sit ups and wind sprints. Because of this my classmates and I were in excellent and ever improving physical shape. I believe this helped my overall feeling and self esteem because you have a generally great attitude when you are healthy.

Sensei Maslich also developed me as a leader. As a higher ranking student I was provided opportunities to lead the class through exercises or Katas. After I earned my black belt Sensei Maslich gave me the opportunity to help her teach classes which even further built my ability to lead as well as helped me to become more comfortable speaking in front of people. I believe that it is this practice that prepared me for becoming an Army officer.

Lastly and what I believed to be most important to me was the strong friendships I gained from taking Karate with Sensei Maslich. I like to think of all of us students as a large family who is always willing to help one another and have fun together. Karate built this environment by being more of a team sport rather than individual. By working in pairs or groups we were able to help improve each others weaknesses and turn them into strengths as well as learn more about each other and become friends. This is something I would never giver up or trade for anything at all. 

C.J Kanerva – 2013


Gail Maslich is one of the most energetic and charismatic people I’ve ever known.

Her positive outlook on life and caring approach has made her extremely successful with the instruction of children.

Kids love to be around Gail because she offers a fun environment while always maintaining a high level of respect and discipline.

She has the ability to provide structure and smiles at the same time … such a rare find!

Parents feel at ease to leave their children in Gail’s instruction because they know that they are safe and in the best of hands.

Gail provides lessons for life!!!

 Jennifer Rissone


                     When I think of Gail, I think:

Great role model, honest, fun, trustworthy, inspiring,

Caring, helpful, loving, upbeat,

Compassionate, encouraging, courageous, serious,

Patient, passionate, energetic, enjoys teaching,

Happy, genuine, determined, positive

My youngest daughter has been going to Karate a little over a year and has advanced 4 belts under Gail.   She has also learned to not give up – – keep working at it – – not everyone learns at the same pace – – ok to not succeed the first time – – practice makes better.  She misses Gail a lot.

We were having problems with my older daughter completing her school work to her potential and Gail spoke with her about it and gave her tips on setting and achieving goals.  November of 2010 we also signed her up for classes.  She also enjoys going to Karate and has advanced 3 belts in a short amount of time.  She misses Gail too.

The girls relate to her being a female also.  She doesn’t just yell to them if they are doing something incorrectly.  She takes the time to go over to them and show them how to correct the “mistake”, does it with them and then wants them to show her.  She takes the time to keep the parents in the loop so we can help them at home to work on things too.

We never felt pressured to do anything with Gail.  She offered her opinion and we trusted her, in making our decisions.

Thank you Gail, you are a wonderful person.

Lisa Spahn


Gail Maslich has been my Sensei (2006 – 2011) and my kickboxing  instructor (2004 – 2011) for almost 7 years. In that time, I’ve seen her progress as a Sensei (from 2nd degree to 4th degree Black Belt) and grow as an individual.

 I find her knowledge of Isshin Ryu Karate and her teaching techniques                                  exceptional. She sets the expectation for excellence in her students but she also knows that each person learns differently. Her ability to tailor her teaching methodology, to the individual student whether child (some challenging) or adult, is one of her greatest assets. She also has a wonderful       attention to detail, which I have not observed in many other karate schools.

 Gail’s kickboxing class is one of the most challenging classes I’ve ever                                participated in. She mixes an awesome exercise class with just the right amount of fun. You leave her class knowing you got a great workout.

Finally, Gail has dedicated her life, to not only the art of karate, but to the continuous improvement of the body, mind, and soul. You will not find anyone more committed to the success of her students than Gail Maslich.


 Beth Spingar


I am employed by Lifetime Assistance Inc. and work with the developmentally disabled population. Each week we participate in Tai Chi class taught by Gail Maslich. Gail is an outstanding instructor. She takes the time to know each person’s interests and needs. Gail is compassionate yet direct. She is able to involve each individual at their level while keeping the class running at a good pace. She perceives the class level and is able to adapt the lesson as it continues. 

I would recommend Gail Maslich as an instructor for any level. She is very                         knowledgeable.  You will not be disappointed.

 Leslie Dwaileebe