Lil Gems

A karate class specifically designed for younger children.  Classes are shorter and requirements are broken down into smaller portions and reinforced throughout the class.  This class is fun and keeps the students moving.

Your child will learn large muscle skills as well as, how to listen and follow directions, all while having fun and feeling great about their accomplishments.


Isshinryu- One Heart Way

Isshinryu is an Okinawan martial art founded by Master Tatsuo Shimabuku in 1952.

Classes are fun and exciting.  Requirements are broken down in a manner that is easy to learn and retain. Classes are 45 minutes long and will include, warm-ups, stretching, and martial arts techniques and requirements.


Listening & Following Directions

Burn Calories  & Lose Weight

Tone Muscles  & Increase Endurance

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness  & Improve Coordination

Increase Self Confidence & Reduce Stress

Improved Strength and Power

And the list goes on……

We look very forward to training with you!

No worries, even if you have never done a class like these, we encourage you to try.  You will be amazed at what you are capable of.

 First Class is Always Free!

Uniform, belt and school patch included with sign up!