Senseis with Master Chase Grand Master Instructor – Kaicho Christopher Chase

Owner:  Sensei Gail Maslich

Head Instructors: Sensei Gail Maslich, Sensei Zach Dries & Sensei Charlie Michels

Assistant Instructors:  Sensei Morgan Wright, & Mr. Drew


  Welcome to GEM Martial Arts!

Webster, NY

We are excited to meet you!

   We are a peaceful, positive, family oriented, dojo.

             We are GEMs, and hope you are too!

            Each week, we teach,

 20 Enthusiastic, Fun, Intelligent, Karate classes for adults & children!

16 Private Lessons!

2  Tournament Prep classes!

1 Karate class at Webster Montessori School!


2 GEMSTARS (Demo/Competition Team) classes a month!

That’s 39 classes a week! 158 classes a month! & over 1896 a year!

Needless to say, We Love Karate, our Dojo, and all the GEMs who train with us!

Please browse our site for more information.

Please contact Sensei Gail Maslich with any questions or to Sign Up Today!